Chiwetel Ejiofor to sign as Bond 24 villain?

A report in Variety suggests that the producers are keen to sign Chiwetel Ejiofor, recently seen in “12 Years A Slave”.

The report quotes an unnamed source (as usual) and says that although no offer has yet been made and scheduling would need to be sorted out, Ejiofor is the favourite for the baddie’s role.

The article also says that production will start in the summer in order to meet the November release date and that they are currently looking to cast a Scandinavian and a Brit as two Bond girls.

According to The Wrap, the former has “a troubled past” and “will serve as a brief love interest for Bond”.

More evidence Deakins not returning for Bond 24

We reportedly recently that Roger Deakins revealed at dinner to Kristopher Tapley that he would not be returning for Bond 24 and now have further corroborating evidence (via the excellent HMSS Weblog) that Deakins really will not be returning.

In an article for Thompson On Hollywood dated February 16, prior to the Tapley tweet, Bill Desowitz quotes Deakins:

 ”He’s got a great idea for another film, which is really an extension [of 'Skyfall'] but from my point, I don’t know what else I could do with it, really.”

That seems pretty clear, although it should be remembered Sam Mendes repeatedly said NO until Eon put the knotted rope to work.

Bond 24 will have new Aston Martin

Yesterday saw the official launch of the Bond In Motion exhibition in London, attended by cast and crew from across the years.

Apart from a number of actresses, stunt personal, Purvis and Wade and production designers, half siblings Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli were there to speak to the press. In a video interview with ITN, Wilson says that a new, as yet unseen, Aston Martin will appear in Bond 24.

You can watch the video below:

John Logan speaks to Empire Online about Bond 24

Skyfall and Bond 24 scribe John Logan recently spoke to Empire Online, telling them “the first draft is almost done”.

He says that Bond 24 will continue the themes and characters introduced in Skyfall, but beyond the new M, Moneypenny and Q is there any other new character that survived Skyfall?

Empire also asks about Blofeld and Quantum, which he declines to answer, that he was constantly going back to the Fleming stories for inspiration and how audiences responded favourably to Bond movie references in Skyfall.

Bond 24 starts shooting in October… or November

A few days ago Ralph Fiennes told a reporter during an interview that Bond 24 was scheduled to start shooting in October, while just a few days later Baz Bamigboye, writing in the Mail Online, announced it will start a month later than planned in November.

No reason is given for the reported delay, although Bamigboye cheekily suggests that it might be because director Sam Mendes has gone skiing for the first time and picked up some stunt ideas.

Whatever the reason, if indeed the info is true, there is no reason to think the film will be released later than planned.

Bamigboye was right on some Skyfall scoops, especially announcing that Eve would turn out to be Miss Moneypenny, but it is early days still.

Skyfall cinematographer not returning for Bond 24

Cinematographer Roger Deakins who made the decision to shoot Skyfall digitally and whose work on that film was nominated for an Oscar will not work on Bond 24 according to reports.

The news was broken on Twitter by Kristopher Tapley, who had dinner with Deakins, although the reason at the moment is unknown.

Scheduling perhaps? Or maybe he just needs a new challenge. Whatever the reason it is bad news as one of the highlights of Skyfall is his photography.

VIDEO: Rory Kinnear and Naomie Harris discuss Bond 24

Rory Kinnear and Naomie Harris were both recently interviewed by Red Carpet TV News while attending events.

Kinnear, attending the premiere of Cuban Fury, plays Tanner in the recent Bond films and jokes that he could take on the roles of all the other actors.

Harris, at the Critics Circle Film Awards, talks about reinventing Miss Moneypenny, how she loves playing powerful, strong women, and on screen chemistry.

Naomie Harris has “heard rumours” about her Bond 24 role

Naomie Harris has “heard rumours” that Eve Moneypenny will be going out in the field in Bond 24. We’ve heard the same rumours and really hope this doesn’t happen, although since the rumour is by Baz Bamigboye there may be more than a grain of truth to it.

Harris was talking to the London Evening Standard while promoting the Nelson Mandela biopic that was released last week, in which she plays Winnie Mandela.

Moneypenny screwed up in the field last time and at the end of Skyfall was all set to carry on being the Miss Moneypenny we used to know and love. Don’t give 007 a sidekick Eon, please don’t.

Ralph Fiennes will return as M

That’s something we didn’t need to be told after Skyfall, that Ralph Fiennes would be returning. The last scene in the film showed Fiennes sitting in M’s traditional office, where he handed 007 a file. It looked like business as usual, but in the style of old.

However, after Metro‘s hacks have told us Fiennes is looking forward to returning as M, they go on to say that the new film will officially see him become Bond’s boss in Bond 24, which will be based on Sebastian Faulks’ Devil May Care.

And it may be set in Ireland, based on Barbara Broccoli’s recent comments while in Dublin. Have they read Devil May Care? It is largely set in non-Guinness producing Iran.