‘SPECTRE’ box office now stands at $677M worldwide

This weekend saw SPECTRE exceed $677 million worldwide, having taken $524 internationally and $153 million in the domestic North American market.


In North America the latest James Bond movie slipped into second place this weekend, behind The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2. The domestic take of SPECTRE is estimated to have dropped to $14.6 million, down from $35.4 million last weekend and $71.3 million during the opening weekend.

Skyfall was the first Bond film to earn in excess of $1 billion worldwide.

Source: Rentrak

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‘SPECTRE’ box office now stands at $677M worldwide

‘SPECTRE’ excedes $500 million worldwide

SPECTRE is estimated to have grossed $543.8 million worldwide by Sunday according to figures reported this morning.

Women of SPECTRE

In North America the film has now taken $130 million, with the box office for its second week estimated at $35.40 million, down from $71.3 million in the opening weekend. Internationally SPECTRE is now on release in 92 territories and earned $152 million over the weekend.

Skyfall was the first Bond film to earn in excess of $1 billion worldwide.

Article originally posted on The James Bond Dossier:
‘SPECTRE’ excedes $500 million worldwide

Aston Martin DB10 to be auctioned: one not-so-careful owner

One of the 10ston Martin DB10s made exclusively for SPECTRE is to be auctioned for charity.

Aston Martin DB10

The Aston Martin DB10 was made exclusively for use in SPECTRE and, so far, has been unavailable to buy. Ten cars were supplied to the filmmakers of which two were written off while filming in Rome and five more badly damaged.

Of the three cars that survived intact, EON Productions will keep one and another ill be kept by Aston Martin.

However, anyone with deep pockets can bid for the one DB10 that will be auctioned for charity. With bidding expected to exceed £1 million you might need to start saving now.

Note: there are some spoilers in the link below.  

Source: The Mirror

Article originally posted on The James Bond Dossier:
Aston Martin DB10 to be auctioned: one not-so-careful owner

First reviews for ‘SPECTRE’

Last night saw the first public screening of SPECTRE at the Odeon Leicester Square. Although The James Bond Dossier was not lucky enough to be invited to the screening, here we’ve rounded up a number of reviews.



The first review is by our friends at MI6. I’ve read it in full and it contains no plot spoilers. However, if you want to know absolutely nothing at all about SPECTRE, don’t read it. In summary, it concludes that SPECTRE is more cohesive than Skyfall and that Daniel Craig is completely in his element as 007.

SPECTRE review on MI6

Unread reviews

I’m also trying to avoid plot spoilers ahead of the première on Monday night, so note that the reviews below have not been read in full. If you’re happy to risk reading spoilers go ahead, otherwise see the film anyway.

Let’s face it, you’re not going to miss SPECTRE, so it makes no difference whether you read a positive review or not, does it?

Possible spoiler: click here to reveal

One thing I was glad to read following the press screening is that the gunbarrel sequence returns to the start of the film for the first time in the Daniel Craig era. That, as far as I am concerned, is great news and I can’t wait to see it.

The Telegraph

“pure flamboyance from Sam Mendes” with “hold-your-breath action and ghosts of 007 past”. Click to read


“as good as Bond gets, but it struggles in its later stages as it tries to have things both way”. Click to read


At the press screening “tonight there were cheers and claps for a film that is Bond through and through”. Click to read

Hollywood News

“Sam Mendes makes it two in a row – it’s really, really good”. Click to read

Herald Scotsman

“director Sam Mendes has delivered an exhilarating Bond for these post-Snowden times”. Click to read

The Guardian

“this inventive, intelligent and complex new outing showcases him brilliantly”. Click to read

Evening Standard

SPECTRE “creates a perfect combination of old and new”. Click to read

The Sun

“stylish, witty and carries on the class that Daniel Craig and director Sam Mendes started with the previous instalment”. Click to read

The Mirror

“one of the most thrilling films of any of the James Bond classics”. Click to read

Article originally posted on The James Bond Dossier:
First reviews for ‘SPECTRE’

BBFC confirms ‘SPECTRE’ as longest Bond

Today the British Board of Film Classification confirmed the runtime and rating for SPECTRE on their website.


The BBFC notes that the film makers were given advice during post-production in order to secure a 12A rating. An early cut was likely to have received a 15 rating and so some changes were made to secure the 12A classification. The changes concerned one scene of violence and another showing the aftermath of a violent act.

Running time is confirmed as 148 minutes (1 hour 28 minutes), longer than the 141 minute running time of Casino Royale, previously the longest Bond movie.

Article originally posted on The James Bond Dossier:
BBFC confirms ‘SPECTRE’ as longest Bond

‘SPECTRE’ is the longest Bond movie ever

SPECTRE is the longest James Bond movie to date according to an invitation for a media preview screening on Wednesday.

Although the British Board of Film Certification website still has no information about the certification or running time, the invitation reveals SPECTRE has been rated 12A and runs for 148 minutes, or 2 hours 28 minutes.

The invitation was shared on Twitter by Henry Fitzherbert who contributes to the Daily Express.

Look out for the first reviews (or avoid them for spoilers) from Wednesday night onwards.

Check out our full coverage on SPECTRE.

Article originally posted on The James Bond Dossier:
‘SPECTRE’ is the longest Bond movie ever

Opinion: Daniel Craig on quitting Bond

There has been a lot of press over the last few days since Daniel Craig said in an interview that he would “slash his wrists” before making another Bond movie and if he did another he would only be doing it for the money.

Daniel Craig - New James Bond movie Casino Royale

The criticisms have been various. That he is biting the hand that feeds him, that he is ungrateful, or that suicide is a serious problem that his turn of phrase makes light of.

A few things here.

First, the interview appears to have been conducted just days after his work on SPECTRE had finished. He had just completed a seven month shoot and looking forward to some time off before hitting the premiere trail and the round of interviews associated with that circus.

The last thing he would have been eagerly looking forward to would be making a new Bond film. And don’t forget that his work goes much deeper (and longer) than showing up to act.

He has been deeply involved with creatively since Quantum of Solace at least and was instrumental in getting Sam Mendes on board, and not just once. And on the new film he has a producer credit, showing how much work he must have out in during pre-production.

“Ah yes, but he gets paid millions of dollars”, you may think. And if not you, then someone you know.

But that doesn’t change the fact he probably feels like some time off from Bond, put his feet up, relax, recuperate and then, and only then, start thinking of Bond 25.

That doesn’t mean he’ll do it for sure. But it does mean he is along way from officially retiring from the role, as is being reported in some papers.

On one hand I feel that the journalists writing this stuff know what the situation is but there is no story in it, and so they spin what he says more literally. Except I saw the deputy editor of The Mirror on Sky News and he seemed deadly earnest.

Sometimes it might pay to think.

Craig has also been criticized by organizations helping prevent suicides for saying he’d rather slash his wrists. But c’mon. It’s just a turn of phrase, do we really have to be this politically correct? Who do they think is going to be influenced into suicide by Daniel Craig’s comments?

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Opinion: Daniel Craig on quitting Bond

MI6 Confidential #32: Behind the scenes of ‘SPECTRE’

MI6 Confidential, the full-colour magazine celebrating the world of James Bond 007, returns with its thirty-second issue.


Sam Mendes had a particular vision for a car chase through the streets of Rome. It’s the dead of night, the streets are clear and two spectacular hyper- cars are going head to head. In this issue we meet the team who brought that vision to life: the 300-strong SPECTRE second unit, headed by Alexander Witt.


We also recount the little-known story of Donald Westlake, author and screenwriter who drafted a treatment for Bond 18; cast a look back at the Key West shoot for Licence To Kill with rare photos and artwork, and celebrate the biggest Bond of all, Thunderball, as 2015 marks its 50th anniversary.


In This Issue

  • Eternal Raceway – Behind the scenes with the SPECTRE second unit
  • Fall of the City – Author Donald Westlake and his Bond 18 treatment
  • Licence To Kill – An original 1989 report from the set
  • Bond on Set – Rare photos from the Licence To Kill Key West shoot
  • The Biggest Bond of AllThunderball took 007 to new heights and great depths
  • Down Under – A conversation with underwater action director Ricou Browning
  • The Real Shrublands – When Ian Fleming checked into health farm Enton Hall
  • The Bond ConnectionSpooks: The Greater Good brings MI5 to the big screen


Issue #32 is now shipping around the world. To order online, visit http://ift.tt/1vD3zPy.

Article originally posted on The James Bond Dossier:
MI6 Confidential #32: Behind the scenes of ‘SPECTRE’

Jonathan Ross to host ‘SPECTRE’ Special on ITV

Jonathan Ross, who will be hosting an hour long SPECTRE special on ITV later this month, was asked recently about what he knew about the new Bond film. Watch the video above to learn more.

The SPECTRE special will air on Saturday 17th October at 18:30 and will feature interviews with Naomie Harris, Andrew Scott, Monica Bellucci, Christoph Waltz and Lea Seydoux.

>Ross will also take a look at the cars, gadgets, villains and Bond girls from the series, including the Aston Martin DB10, which was specially designed for SPECTRE.

The programme will also feature footage from locations such as Mexico, Rome, Austria, Morocco and London.

Article originally posted on The James Bond Dossier:
Jonathan Ross to host ‘SPECTRE’ Special on ITV